First Nations Retailers

The First Nations Retailers Advisory Committee exists to understand and address the unique needs of Indigenous-owned retailers.

Established in 2022 as part of the ARA’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan, the Committee provides a forum for like-minded First Nations retailers to share information, ideas and issues with each other and help the ARA shape effective strategies to help build capability across this growing segment of the Australian retail sector.


To draw upon the lived experience of committee members to develop sectorial responses to address the issues and challenges confronting First Nations retailers.

To help design and develop solutions addressing barriers to growth for First Nations retailers.

To provide expert advice to the ARA in developing strategies, programs and campaigns to build capability of First Nations’ retailers.

To connect like-minded retailers with each other to facilitate networking and peer-learning opportunities.

To connect with ARA with the community, to help celebrate the rich diversity of Indigenous-owned retail businesses.

The ARA is seeking expressions of interest from Indigenous-owned retail businesses who are current ARA members. Click here to become an ARA member and register your expression of interest to join the committee below.
Committee Leaders

Jason Robertson
Director – Policy, Sustainability and Impact
Australian Retailers Association

Paul Zahra
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Retailers Association