The ARA’s Advisory Committees provide a crucial function within the ARA, providing participating members with significant benefits. Consisting of specialist representatives from the ARA’s retail members, the Advisory Committees draw on subject matter and industry experts to: 

  • Provide a forum to exchange industry best practice 

  • Help develop ARA policy positions and support advocacy 

  • Provide support for legal and regulatory compliance 

  • Identify issues affecting retailers and formulate industry responses 


Each Advisory Committee is chaired by an industry representative, and supported by an industry expert as an advisor, to facilitate engagement with regulators and stakeholders and help retailers adapt to changes affecting the industry. This ensures they can apply solutions and leverage the shared experience and knowledge of participants to support the ARA membership. 


Retailers connected with the ARA through its Advisory Committees obtain the full benefits of ARA membership. Participating retailers enjoy exposure to thought leadership and industry best practice, and shape the voice of the ARA into the future through their input.