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Best of Season One: Sustainability


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Best of Season One: Sustainability

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Let's continue our look back at the 'Best of Season One' of the ARA Retail Therapy podcast.  

This week we're focusing on our discussions about sustainability, where our guests shared what they believe the role of retailers is in driving better sustainability outcomes for our planet, as well as what their organisations are doing now and into the future to tackle climate change.   

Sustainability and climate change are becoming increasingly important issues for retailers in Australia and across the globe. The retail sector plays a unique role in the community, with the potential to drive meaningful change in our transition to the low-carbon economy of the future, and an ability to powerfully influence consumers and suppliers in the shift towards more sustainable production and consumption.  

We learned a lot from our guests about what consumers are calling for and what they are doing both in-store and in the supply chain to address this.  


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