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Episode 3 - Anthony Heraghty


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Episode 3: Anthony Heraghty

Show notes

“I think the most powerful thing a leader can do is actually listen and act on advice, as opposed to sprouting it. There is a perception that leadership is about having all the answers and knowing what to do, but I think sometimes it’s more powerful to do the opposite.” Anthony Heraghty. 


In this episode of Retail Therapy, Paul Zahra speaks with Anthony Heraghty, Group Managing Director and CEO, Super Retail Group – one of Australasia’s largest retailers, housing iconic brands including BCF Boating Camping Fishing, Macpac, Rebel and Supercheap Auto. 


Prior to his appointment as Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Anthony was Managing Director – Outdoor Retailing (2015–2019) where he was responsible for the BCF, Rays and Macpac businesses. Anthony has served in a variety of senior roles including Group General Manager of Underwear for Pacific Brands Limited, where he led the overhaul of the Bonds business from a wholesale operation to an omni-retailer, Global Marketing Director for Foster’s Group Limited and Managing Director for George Patterson and McCann Erickson. 


In this episode, Paul and Anthony discuss:  


  • What you learn growing up in a family small business  

  • Customer-centricity 

  • Retail being a ‘changeathon’, where nothing is constant  

  • The importance of data and analytics, but also gut feel  

  • Thinking beyond product, price and convenience  

  • Demystifying a day in a life of a CEO  

  • Leadership and ambition  


   Transcript available here.   


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