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Lessons on Leasing

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Key services are:

Telephone Advice on any Employment matters: Call 1300 368 041 and select option 1 then option 1 again.

This service offers uncapped calls on wages, awards, leave, redundancy, any question on employment.


ERMS – Employment Relations Management System

This is a website that is secure for each LPO’s confidential access to all kinds of letters, forms, checklists and workflows regarding staff. You can create employment contracts, set up documents with your letterhead, create policies and record everything in the system in that staff members file. You can look up wage rates, wage classifications for LPOs and public holidays too. You should have received a password and your username is your member number.



✔ ARA Member Benefits

✔ Legal advice – Commercial and Business (30 min consultation call)

✔ Tenancy advice (15 min consultation call)

✔ Discounted ARA Talent Registry rates

✔ Discounted tickets to the ARA Conferences and events

✔ Regular Member Alerts that keep you up to date

✔ Retail HR essentials

✔ ARA Member webinars

If you don’t have it at hand, go to the ARA website: www.retail.org.au.

Hover your mouse over “Services” and you will see Human Resources (ERMS) portal.

Click there and login to the ERMS portal, and enter your ARA member number. You can then click Forgot Password.

If you do not receive a new password, please contact Membership at 1300 368 041 option 1 then option 2 and the team will assist.

Go to the below video links

ERMS Tutorial Video 1

ERMS Tutorial Video 2

See these two recorded videos for about 10 minutes each to get started. You can access the recorded webinars any time.

Attend the monthly live webinars – you can register from the Member Essentials Email and your questions can be answered in the webinar.

Call the Telephone advice service or membership if you are experiencing difficulties.

Yes you are a member and can call 1300 368 041 option 1, then select option 1 again for telephone advice about employment matters. There is no charge and your membership allows unlimited calls.

LPOs receive a complimentary 15 minute consultation with our leasing experts. Call the membership team to book on 1300 368 041 option 2

There is also 3 Tenancy webinars below for viewing:

Webinar 1: Time is CriticalWhy time is so important when renewing your lease

Webinar 2: Know your NumbersHow to calculate and benchmark your costs

Webinar 3: Negotiating your LeaseStep through the process with useful tools

We can help you – first add ARA to your email contacts address book Add the email addresses ara@retail.org.au and industry@retail.org.au add membership@retail.org.au and the ARA phone number 1300 368 041. If you are still not receiving emails, send an email to membership@retail.org.au and we will unbounce your email from our end and send you a link.

Go to the ARA website www.retail.org.au and look for the orange bar near the top of the home page or click here to go straight to the COVID Resources Hub.

The classification for LPO is stored in the ERMS under the Tab ER News.

Yes, If you let us know to add them to your record as a contact. Let us know name, position, phone and email. It is up to you if you wish to delegate a password or access to your staff member.

ARA member benefits are set up for the business and not for individuals, so individuals cannot access for instance legal advice.

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