Start your career in retail. This program is designed as a pre-employment pathway to equip you with the skills and knowledge to ensure you are ‘Retail Ready’.


This qualification will provide you with skills and knowledge to perform as a frontline retail team member. The foundational knowledge gained will offer you the operational skills to perform the basic workplace activities involved with routine and repetitive tasks and work conducted under direct supervision.


Core units
  • Engage the customer (SIRXCEG001)

  • Communicate in the workplace to support team and customer outcomes (SIRXCOM001)

  • Work effectively in a service environment (SIRXIND001)

  • Organise personal work requirements (SIRXIND003)

  • Advise on products and services (SIRXPDK001)

  • Identify and respond to security risks (SIRXRSK001)

  • Contribute to workplace health and safety (SIRXWHS002)

Elective units (General stream)
  • Plan a career in the retail industry (SIRXIND004)

  • Receive and handle retail stock (SIRRINV001)

  • Sell to the retail customer (SIRXSLS001)

  • Organise and maintain the store environment (SIRXIND002)

  • Assist with customer difficulties (SIRXCEG002)

Elective units (Food stream)
  • Plan a career in the retail industry (SIRXIND004)

  • Receive and handle retail stock (SIRRINV001)

  • Sell to the retail customer (SIRXSLS001)

  • Handle food safely in a retail environment (SIRRFSA001)

  • Merchandise food products (SIRRMER002)


Qualification entry requirements

There are no qualification entry requirements for this course.

ARA requirements

You are required to have internet access and basic technology skills when undertaking this qualification.

An entry requirement questionnaire, including Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test, is undertaken during the enrolment or prior to the commencement of the course. Where the outcome indicates that you require additional support, the ARA will review each enrolment on case-by-case basis.

You must have the ability to undertake a work placement. (The ARA will assist in sourcing an appropriate workplace.)

The ARA Retail Institute (ID NUMBER: 4049) is the leading national body providing for the education, consulting and professional development needs of the Australian retail industry. The ARA Retail Institute specialises in consulting and education on a broad range of topics, including: Retail Buying, Financials, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, Operations, and Sales and Service Strategy. The ARA Retail Institute houses a suite of both accredited and non accredited training solutions; from the Diploma of Retail Management to customized in-house training programs. This suite provides a diverse and flexible range of education products to suit industry needs.