Supply Chain: financially what you must know, but probably don’t.

This webinar is for anyone who cares about the implications of a transport safety investigation through their business.

Don’t own a truck! Well that doesn’t matter as far as the regulator is concerned and actually those who don’t own a truck, are more financially capable of paying the fines the regulator are preparing to hand out once the new legislative changes come to hand this year.

Matthew Wragg from MAEZ will present the webinar. MAEZ is a company that specialises in helping you bridge the gap between your known and unknown risks in your supply chain, ensuring peace of mind and much more sleep. But importantly figuring out the best way forward to reducing your risks and maintaining continuity in your supply chain, pragmatically

During this session you will learn:

– Chain of Responsibility Laws ensure everyone in the supply chain share responsibility for transport and logistics

– Retailers have a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities

– Learn about where you fit in the Chain of Responsibility, and how best to prepare

– Safety management and financial implications – preparing for the future.

21 Aug 2018 Tue 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Online Webinar
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