This year, First Responders Day is:


16 May 2024

This year, First Responders Day is on:


16 May 2024

About the initiative

Each year, the Australian retail sector celebrates First Responders Day to honour the bravery, dedication, and contribution of first responders during times of crisis.

The event brings together retailers of all sizes, to show their appreciation to first responders by providing special offers to these individuals at all participating Australian retail stores.

First responders are ordinary people who display extraordinary courage in the face of danger to protect and save others. Whether they work in the field daily or respond to emergency situations as needed, they all share a selfless commitment to serving the community.

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First Responders Day

First Responders Day is an online and in-store event that fosters closer connections between first responders and the retail industry. By extending a heartfelt “thank you” to these heroes, we acknowledge their essential role in safeguarding our society.



This Australian Retailers Association initiative, sponsored by American Express, is our way of giving back to members of the community who have supported Australians through disasters, and protected lives in times of crisis.



This offer is only available to Australian-based first responders. First responders include medical and health workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics, ambulance staff, police personnel, firefighters, defence and border force personnel, SES and lifesavers. 

Benefits of being involved

Registering for First Responders Day is a powerful way for businesses to show appreciation for the dedicated individuals who serve as first responders. 

By participating, businesses not only express gratitude but also build positive relationships with local emergency services, enhancing their public image and brand reputation. It’s an opportunity to actively engage with the community, fostering unity and showcasing corporate social responsibility. Supporting first responders not only honours their crucial role but also creates a positive impact that resonates with both employees and customers.

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It is vital to continue to thank our first responders, who have steered us through a global pandemic and unprecedented natural disasters in recent years. First Responders are grappling with ‘perma-crisis’ environment and we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our first responders for making that possible.

- Paul Zahra, Australian Retailers Association,
Chief Executive Officer

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