Follow the music – what’s on near you?

As Aussies get their shopping mojo back, music and entertainment offerings are an important way to elevate the festive vibe. Whether an upbeat Spotify soundtrack or live carollers, we share some of the entertainment options helping Aussie shoppers get in the Christmas mood. 

The best Christmas playlists 

No matter what streaming platform you use to play music in your stores, there is an option for everyone. The best thing about these song tracks is that you simply plug in and let the playlist do the work, with these awesome collections of the best Christmas songs of all time: 

  • Spotify – Spotify’s Christmas Classics playlist has over 2 million likes, promising timeless heart-warming classics for the holiday season.
  • YouTube – with over 30,000 streams in just 10 days, this playlist is sure to get your customers dancing. 
  • Apple Music – Apple Music’s editors have put together this Christmas Essentials playlist with all of our favourites, new and old. 
  • Check out this Time Out blog post 50 best Christmas songs of all time and have a go at making your own playlist – unique to your store. This could be a really fun way to engage your staff – by allowing them to pick their favourite songs (since they will be the ones listening to the music the most!) 


Live carollers or musicians

Just like the retail sector, the arts and entertainment industry has had a tough year. Since March, many performers have lost work. So now, as lockdown and gathering restrictions continue to ease it is a fantastic opportunity to call on their expertise and help bring back the Christmas joy we all need. 

Every state has different rules about public entertainment so have a look at the rules in your area before signing anyone up! 


Promote locally 

Think about where your customers are looking online for things to do this December. Local council pages, Facebook groups and local bulletin boards are a great option to promote your Christmas entertainment plans. 


Both the City of Melbourne and the City of Sydney have great ‘What’s on’ landing pages that call for listings. 




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