Workplace Health and Safety

Advisory Committee

  • Retailers face strategic, operational and compliance obligations in the sphere of workplace health and safety.

  • As a directly consumer-facing industry, retailers face challenges to ensure staff as well as customer wellbeing.

  • The ARA’s WHS Advisory Committee committee ensures retailers remain at the cutting edge of compliance requirements and remain abreast of emerging trends and initiatives in this area.

  • In the post-Covid world, the committee will continue to provide retail specific input to regulators both Federal and State.

  • Eligibility: Heads of / senior managers of Workplace Health & Safety or equivalent representatives nominated by premium ARA members  

Jayde Niholson.jpg


Jayde Nicholson

Safety Manager

Global with T2 (Unilever)


  • Representation at Safe Work NSW and WorkSafe Victoria

  • Regulatory engagement ; providing policy feedback to regulators.

  • Playing a key role in facilitating a safe retail re-opening

  • Contributing to the development of state and federal WHS guidelines 

  • Industry case law reviews

  • Developing ARA member communications on current issues

Key Recent Issues

  • Update from Worksafe Victoria, Safe Work NSW

  • COVID-Safe reopening of retail premises

  • Managing team expectations and customers

  • Key triggers for customer aggression

Amy Towers.png


Amy Towers

Culture and Engagement Risk Expert, Risk Collective

15 years experience as lawyer and risk expert.

For more information, please contact the secretariat for this committee: araadvisory@retail.org.au

Participating Retailers include:

Australia Post, Kmart, Adairs, Beacon Lighting, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, Bunnings, Mecca Brands, Munro FG, Cotton On, and many more.