What makes a great store manager successful ?

Great store managers consistently turn in great results. They regularly achieve their KPI’s, have lower staff turnover, less customer complaints and this list goes on.

The great news is, most of your store managers can be at this level, if they want to be. The number one factor they need to get them there is, having the right attitude. If they do, they will be open to feedback on their performance and be hungry for ways to improve.

Great store managers consistently focus on the simple things, they do them well and every single day. Apart from being great role models, which is imperative to gain and maintain respect, they hold their team accountable for their performance. They communicate frequently and clearly ensuring all the team know where they and the store is at, whether they work full time or only for a few hours.

Here are three areas that great store managers focus on to ensure they stay at the top of their game:

Consistent measurement of results

If you walk into a top performing store and venture out the back, you’ll find their KPI goal board filled out and up to date. This KPI goal board measures such things as sales, average sales, items per customer, loyalty sign ups etc. I have seen many of these at stores I visit, unfortunately the key ingredient missing is they are often not up to date.

This doesn’t happen at the top performing stores. They realise how important it is to measure their results and keep this up to date. They also train and coach their team to keep this up to date even when they are not there. All of their team understand how their daily performance impacts each KPI and they are trained to review the results each day before they start their shift.

These store managers hold their team (and themselves) accountable for achieving the goals they have set. They work with the team members who need help, so they can improve and experience success. They use praise as a strong motivator to recognise, not just results but also effort. It’s no surprise at the top performing stores that sales is always top of mind.

Daily update and check in with their teams

Great store managers know that the key to their own success is having great staff that are customer and results focussed. They do this by holding quick team meetings (huddles) at the start of each day so they can discuss up to dates results, what needs improving and what is going well. Their team are trained to review the KPI goal board before they come to the meeting so it’s a quick review and everyone is quickly on the same page.

If team members start at a later time of the day, they are brought up to speed by another team member so they also know where things are at. Communication of expectations and results is a key to more team ownership and accountability.

Through the goal setting and results, store managers encourage friendly rivalry and competition. They know what motivates each team member and use this to motivate and encourage team members to always give their best.

Daily on the floor coaching

Great store managers know that it’s challenging to be consistent, to always get it right when they and their team serve customers. To ensure their team is always striving to deliver the best service and maximise sales, store and assistant managers are constantly observing their team in action with customers.

When they see great service they are quick to praise and when they notice areas that could be done better they don’t put this off, they have the conversation when it needs to take place.

Regular feedback drives massive accountability and ensures their team are always customer focussed. They also ensure that their team take responsibility for their own performance by setting and revisiting expectations. They are quick to praise but they never ignore issues that arise from time to time, knowing that not dealing with these issues when they arise is the same as saying it’s okay.

Great store managers focus on these three areas consistently, so their team always know where they are at. It’s no surprise they get the results they deserve.

Author: Roger Simpson, CEO of The Retail Solution. For more information visit: https://theretailsolution.com.au/






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