Season 6 of the ARA’s Retail Therapy podcast is gearing up for an early 2024 launch! Join host, ARA CEO Paul Zahra, as we dive into the crucial conversation on […]

Episode 10: Eric Morris

Joining us for some Retail Therapy is Eric Morris, former CEO of Brand Collective, which boasts a portfolio of iconic owned and licensed brands with more than 3,000 employees. Eric […]

Episode 9: Elisha Hopkinson

Get ready for an exciting episode of Retail Therapy where we dive deep into the world of fashion, leadership, innovation, and sustainability with our special guest, Elisha Hopkinson, CEO of […]

Episode 8: Angus McKay

In this episode of the ARA’s Retail Therapy Podcast, we have the privilege of sitting down with Angus McKay, CEO and Managing Director of 7-Eleven. Angus has an impressive career […]

Episode 7: Mark Ronan

Welcome to another episode of Retail Therapy, where we delve into the heartbeat of the retail industry. In this episode, we are thrilled to have a distinguished guest with us […]