Episode 6: Ian Johnston

Joining Paul for some Retail Therapy is Ian Johnston, the Founder and Creative Director of Quinine – UK-based research, strategy and design consultancy.

Episode 5: Sarah Wilson (part 2)

Here’s part two of the fascinating and thought-provoking conversation with Sarah Wilson. Sarah is the founder of the internationally acclaimed I Quit Sugar movement, global best-selling author, thought leader, philanthropist and climate advisor.

Episode 4: Sarah Wilson (part 1)

Founder of the internationally acclaimed I Quit Sugar movement, globally best-selling author, thought leader, philanthropist, climate advisor, and a truly all-round fascinating and engaging person, is the influential Sarah Wilson. 

Episode 3: David Ritter

Our next guest on the ARA Retail Therapy podcast is the humble and passionate CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific since 2012, David Ritter.

Episode 2: Nicki Hutley

With climate change being the biggest business disruptor on our doorstep, we welcome Nicki Hutley, Economist and Member of the Climate Council.

Episode 1: Luke Hargreaves

First-up for Season 3 is special guest, Luke Hargreaves, Global Sustainability Business Advisor at AWS, an expert when it comes to integrating sustainability, business and technology.  

Season 3: Trailer

Having navigated the worst of the pandemic, businesses are now tackling the next big global disruptor in climate change. In Season 3 of Retail Therapy, we hear from business leaders, academics, and climate experts – many of them global leaders in their field – about their personal journeys in fighting for a more sustainable future. And we’ll also learn more about businesses in how they’re meeting their sustainability targets.

Episode 10: Lynda McAlary-Smith

Introducing small business advocate Lynda McAlary-Smith, Victorian Small Business Commissioner. Find out which superpower Lynda sees SMBs demonstrating, pre and post Covid, that now pulls them forward into a hopeful new future.

Episode 9: Alla Buinowicz

Meet Alla Buinowicz, Managing Director of the plus-size women’s fashion juggernaut Taking Shape. For 17 years, Alla has dedicated herself to creating amazing customer experiences.

Episode 8: Rowan Hodge

You’ll love this episode with Rowan Hodge, CEO of Andersens. His career has taken him around the world and if anyone gets what it takes to make a franchise a success, it’s him.