About the ARA

The ARA Retail Institute is the leading national body providing for the education, training, professional development and consulting needs of the Australian retail industry.


The ARA Retail Institute supports existing and aspiring retail professionals to build and advance their careers through targeted learning opportunities, designed specifically to meet the current and future needs of the retail industry.  

With over 30 years as a Registered Training Organisation, our diverse and flexible training solutions – both accredited and non-accredited – consider the unique needs of retail businesses and individuals. We provide Certificates, Diplomas, Skill Sets, Short Course Workshops, Online Micro-courses and customised in-house training programs. 

The ARA Retail Institute is known for:

  • The most recognised national retail training provider in the Australian market.
  • Extensive suite of specialist retail programs with flexible delivery options.
  • Delivering quality services for all tiers of business and experience levels within the retail environment.
  • Ensuring currency to industry retail requirements.
  • Retailers developing Retailers – a collaboration with our industry.
  • Specialist local talent in all states and regions nationally.
  • Flexibility in delivery modes and a high level of customisation.

Start my Retail Career

The ARA Retail Institute provides pre-employment programs designed specifically for individuals seeking to become ‘Retail Ready’ through gaining the foundational skills to work in entry level roles within the retail industry.  


Hire Talented Staff

Retail recruitment reimagined

The ARA Talent Registry is a  retail specific recruitment platform that removes human bias from decision making, reduces costs and time to hire.


Advance my Retail Career

Develop your career in retail with our diverse suite of accredited and non-accredited training solutions, from the Diploma of Retail Management to customised, flexible in-house training programs.



Business Support & Services

With unique insights into the dynamic retail sector – the ARA Retail Institute provides consulting support and customised business solutions, including bespoke, in-house training programs, and staff recruitment services for ARA Members.


Enhance my Retail Career

We specialise in education and training on a broad range of leadership and management topics to support you in taking your career to the next level.

Online Retail Micro-Courses

These fast, flexible and low-cost courses deliver training to meet emerging and urgent industry skills needs, and support people wishing to invest in their retail careers. The modules can be used as ‘stackable’ building blocks towards accredited skill sets or qualifications.