Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in The Retail Industry

The ARA’s Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Advisory Committee exists to shape the retail industry by advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion with aligned priorities and visible achievements.

Comprising retail industry leaders wishing to publicly commit to advancing this agenda, this Advisory Committee will shape an industry response and achieve visible and impactful priorities to improve diversity and inclusion 

Participating members act in an advisory capacity to facilitate a united, integrated approach to issues in a dynamic retail environment.

This advisory committee is by invitation to maintain diversity amongst committee members.


This Advisory Committee seeks to support ARA members by:

  • Defining an authentic vision for diversity and inclusion across the retail industry and agree specific priorities to commit to
  • Taking a public stance on social issues that impact employees, customers and the community through collective and individual leadership action
  • Work as a united leadership group to implement progressive, powerful and lasting change across the retail landscape

Key Recent Focus Areas

  • Gender equality, women’s empowerment and Respect@Work
  • Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians 
  • Inclusion of LGBTQ+ people

Advisory Committee Members

  • Elise Sharpley – Partner, Consulting, Deloitte
  • Natasha Stott Despoja – Committee Advisor​​
  • Peter Johnson – CEO, Cotton On
  • Leah Weckert – CFO, Coles
  • Angus McKay – CEO, 7-Eleven
  • Jo Horgan – Managing Director, Mecca
  • Sarah Hunter – Managing Director, Officeworks
  • Anthony Heraghty – Group Managing Director/CEO, Super Retail Group​​
  • Lisa Keenan – Executive Director, M-POWER Mecca
  • Josh Bannister EGM for Retail, Brand & Marketing, Australia Post
Committee Leaders

Elise Sharpley
Partner, Deloitte

Paul Zahra
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Retailers Association

Jason Robertson

Director – Policy, Sustainability and Impact
Australian Retailers Association