Technical Standards

This advisory committee plays a critical role in providing a collective industry voice in relation to regulatory and technical standards matters relevant to Australia’s retail industry. 

It supports the ARA’s commitment to drive positive and socially responsible outcomes in the retail sector, modelled on best industry practice and compliance to relevant technical standards and regulatory obligations, while balancing the practical and commercial interests of members.

Compliance and regulatory professionals or technical standards experts, representatives nominated by premium ARA members.


The advisory committee provides advice to the ARA Executive on issues, risks and opportunities related to technical standards and regulatory obligations. The committee will:

  • Share information among members, providing insights, expertise, and resourcing.
  • Engage in peer-learning exchanges; sharing experiences, achievements and lessons with other committee members.
  • Participate collectively in technical standards development via submissions and engagement with Standards Australia, regulatory bodies and governments at both Federal and State/Territory levels.
  • Agree and establish rules and guidelines for best practice within the retail sector
  • Work as a united leadership group to help design progressive, powerful and lasting change across the retail landscape in Australia

Key Recent Focus Areas

Some of the key issues the advisory committee will focus on in 2023 include product safety rules and guidelines in relation to:

  • Button/coin batteries
  • Toppling furniture
  • Toys and products designed for use by infants/young children

Participating retailers:
Super Retail Group, Baby Bunting, Officeworks, L’Oreal ANZ, Coles, Amazon and Woolworths.

Committee Leaders

 Selva (Kidnapillai Selvarajah)

Policy and Regulatory Specialist-GM and Electrical Products, 

Jason Robertson
Director – Policy, Sustainability and Impact,
Australian Retailers Association