Improve your social impact with IMPACTER

IMPACTER is a SaaS tool that enables clarity, compliance and conscious change on gender equity, diversity, and inclusion. We work with some of the country’s leading companies and consultants on creating sustainable social impact to bring value and peace-of-mind to employees and customers.

IMPACTER specialises in understanding what great truly looks like in the DEI space and considers regulations affecting gender pay performance, leadership diversity and respect@work obligations to alleviate the stresses of business leaders.

IMPACTER calculates DEI performance in minutes and displays metrics via a dashboard which can be used by companies and teams – large and small. It has the power to boost brand reputation by eliminating gender/DEI washing through robust analysis and actions that bring executive level performance into alignment with the employee experience.

Retailers can be confident that their employees and customers are being listened to before any problems arise.

If you want to be confident your company is a leader on gender, diversity, and inclusion, and you want real-time tools to prove compliance in line with the Gender Equality Act and the Respect@Work legislation, IMPACTER is your solution.

Through the ARA member benefits program, ARA Members can access: 

1. 50% discount on annual subscription on IMPACTER SaaS product

2. Webinars to assist with IMPACTER onboarding

3. Free workshops to help teams elevate brand and communications marketing in line with genuine DEI performance through IMPACTER.

4. Discounts on third party consultancy services including bespoke data analysis, DEI project support and brand consulting

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