ARA members have access to a Digital Security check only at a price of $138.

ARA Member Inclusions included:

    • Password management best practices
    • Set up multi-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) which gives you extra protection
    • Install or update the right anti-virus and firewall software
    • Run malware scans to detect threats
    • Check the strength of your WiFi security settings to prevent unwanted visitors
    • Block internet pop-ups and prevent traps that will cause you to install a virus – called phishing
    • Update your operating systems, like Windows, to ensure you have the latest security releases
    • Remove unused applications (as old apps or programs can have security flaws)
    • Switch on social media privacy and location settings
    • Provide heaps of other personalised tips and tricks for how to stay safe online

If the customer needs any assistance outside of the above inclusions, they can pay for this at a rate of $79 per 30 mins 

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