Australian shoppers want an experience

New global study by Mood Media reveals customers will choose bricks-and-mortar over online.

Mood Media, leader in elevating customer experiences announced the results of their latest consumer study, showing conclusively that shoppers want an experience and will chose bricks-and-mortar over online if they get it.

While many believe that shoppers are overwhelmingly moving to online, 79% of Australians are very/fairly likely to choose a store over online if there is an enjoyable atmosphere (music, visuals, scent). So, in order to succeed, shops need to ensure that they are creating an experience in-store and an enjoyable atmosphere – something online cannot offer.

Atmosphere is key.

Atmosphere – music, visuals, scent – was repeatedly highlighted by respondents as what will encourage repeat customers and longer shopping times. If there is an enjoyable atmosphere 86% of Australians are very/fairly likely to re-visit a store, and 70% of Australians are very/fairly likely to stay longer in store.

And with all businesses vying for word of mouth referrals, shops should take note that 76% of Australians are very/fairly likely to recommend a store to friends and family if there is an enjoyable atmosphere.

The ability to try different products or services is cited globally as the biggest driver in making consumers more likely to want to buy from a bricks-and-mortar store.

Music driving shoppers.

Music has often been recognised as a key ingredient in the consumer experience, and rightly so. It is the number one factor to improve a shopper’s mood in-store and has an overall positive impact on 85% of shoppers globally. However, the quality of the music played really matters. More than half (57%) of global shoppers will disengage if brands make poor music choices.

62% of Australians have enjoyed listening to music in-store recently and 45% have stayed in store longer than they would have done because they’ve enjoyed the music.

Clothing stores were clearly the leading segment when it came to shoppers enjoying music while in-store with nearly 80% of respondents saying they had enjoyed music while shopping in clothes stores.

The smell of success.

But atmosphere is not just about the eyes and ears. Engaging all the senses is another way that stores are creating an experience for shoppers, and Australians are paying attention, with 63% noticing that some stores have a pleasant and inviting smell. With competition higher than ever between stores, using additional atmospheric techniques such as scent could mean the difference between a customer coming into store or walking past.

Screen time.

Screens have become relatively commonplace within shopping centres, but not all individual stores utilise them. Over half of those surveyed in Australia said they had been attracted into a clothes shop or stayed longer because of engaging content on the window or inside screens. Only behind China in this response, it is clear that Australian clothing retailers should not only consider window content, but also how screens can maximise the shopping experience in-store.

In quick service restaurants the use of digital menu boards is resonating with people, with over half of those surveyed giving attention to digital screens with interactive and useful content.

“Consumers aren’t just buying a product when in-store; they’re buying an experience and they are demanding it with their feet. For many, shopping is a form of entertainment and bricks and mortar stores have a real advantage. Done right, shops can see new customers, higher numbers of repeat visits, longer in-store dwell times and more recommendations,” concluded Steve Hughes, Managing Director of Mood Media Australia.

About Mood Media:

Mood Media is the global leader in elevating in-store customer experiences, delivering integrated solutions to more than 500,000 active client locations around the globe. Its clients include businesses of all sizes and market sectors, including Myer, Kmart, The Hilton, David Jones, BWS, Woolworths, Country Road, Freedom, BUPA, KFC, Gelatissimo, American Swiss, Amcal and Michael Hill in Australia.

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