Christmas shopping trends and tips for businesses according to Pinterest

Pinners around the world wait for months with excitement for the beginning of the holiday season (searches for holiday start as early June on Pinterest), and millions turn to Pinterest for gift giving (and receiving!) inspiration.

Pinterest has compiled the top picks based on what Pinterest shoppers are searching, saving, and buying for everyone from the wellness aficionado to the sustainability adopters in your life, to give you a head start.

With searches for personalised gift ideas increasing by +72%, sustainable gifts, travel kits, and self-care package gift ideas are likely to jingle a few bells this holiday season.

In addition, Pinners are looking for ways to add a manual touch to gifts this year. One of the main ideas that people are searching for is “snail mail gifts” (346%), to bring back the magic of the ordinary postal service. Because nothing will ever replace the surprise of receiving a package, right?). Wrapping is also part of this process, and searches for how-to “gift wrap videos” are up 80%.

Whether it is for a family member (dad Christmas gift ideas +644%), someone in your office (coworker Christmas gift ideas +244%), a friend (Christmas gifts for best friends +199%) or even your teacher (teacher Christmas gift ideas +1890%), Pinterest has you covered.

Need some inspiration? Check out the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide to see this year’s top trending ideas for all the different people in your life.

Stocking stuffers for the sustainability adopter

Sustainability is no longer just a trend and is becoming a must-have throughout the year. What better time of year to support mission-driven companies and products than when you can spread the love to others (searches for sustainable gifts increased by 118%)? From green projects to small social companies (and not forgetting those gifts for plants lovers (+50%), check out these ideas:

Delicious treats for the food lover

Find the perfect gift for the foodie-est of friends, from the hot sauce to hot chocolate aficionado. While we all love food, everyone knows that one person with a particular interest in gourmet food. Impressing these folks is not easy, but there is life beyond prepackaged baskets of gourmet food. Need some ideas?

Timeless treasures for the traveler

Traveling is, for many, more than a hobby — it’s a lifestyle! And, although they tend to prefer experiences over things, this does not mean that they do not need some items that are essential to organise (or enjoy) a trip in the most relaxed way possible. Searches for travel kit gifts increased by 41%, and whether it is for a solo trip, a getaway to the beach, or an outdoor adventure in the mountains, Pinterest is full of gift ideas to pamper your most beloved traveler.

Feel-good goodies for the wellness aficionado

Words like mindfulness, clean eating, or detox sneak into the gift list this year and are already part of the vocabulary for the health-conscious crowd. Do you have to give a gift to one of them? Then, ideas for wellness gifts (+ 41%) is what you need. Need some inspiration?

Thoughtful delights for the artsy ones

How to be creative while thinking of a gift idea, if this is for the most creative person you know? Don’t despair! Even the most demanding minds can be surprised. Mix design with a little art and originality, and you will have the perfect gift. And if you need some ideas, check out these eye-catching ones below:

Fun and educational gifts for the mini-creatives

The tiniest of gift receivers might be the most discerning, so look to Pinterest trends for the latest in kid-friendly ideas; for example searches for indoor camping ideas for kids are up 58%, indoor tents up 89%, and kids climbing wall indoor up 31%.

Beautiful stuff for the beauty buff

Perfumes or makeup sets are frequently among the beauty bestsellers since cosmetics are one of the most recurring elements to delight for holidays. But it is one of those that cause more joy to the one who receives them though.

Outdoorsy finds for those who want to go offline

Whether weekend warrior or someone who gets outside as much as possible, look no further for gifts for hikers and campers in your life.

Literary treasures for bookworms

Having a book lover in your life means that you’ve probably lost track of the last books they read or the entire collection they have at home. If you want to avoid giving them a duplicate one, or prefer to make their reading experience even better, check out the ideas below.

Last but not least, for your best self

Sometimes, in addition to pampering your loved ones, the holiday is also the best time to treat yourself. Because in a nonstop cycle of shopping and social interactions during these weeks, it’s also perfectly acceptable to take some time for you and preserve your well-being the way you like the most. Are you determined to do it but don’t know where to start? You’re not the only one. Searches for self-care package gift ideas are up +134%! Check out some of the following ones:

“Pinterest is the starting place for people making shopping decisions across the entire shopping journey, from the first moment of inspiration to the final purchase. And it is regardless of whether it is a gift for you or for a loved one. Tools such as visual search can help as a personal shopper of sorts, people in finding creative and unexpected gifts.

Visual recommendations are at work across Pinterest, you can view recommendations beneath any Pin for shoppable ideas, or you can use Lens camera in the search bar to; simply tap the camera in the Pinterest search bar, snap a photo of something you like and Pinterest will tell you what it is and where to find something like it. For brands, this means that it is time to get your campaigns ready for people looking for products like yours and help create a spike in sales,” Amy Vener, Global Head of Retail Strategy.


  • Trends are calculated using normalised searches from July ‘18 to July ‘19
  • Trends are calculated using normalised searches from Sept ‘18 to Sept ‘19





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