COVID-19 restrictions: State-by-state breakdown

As Australian governments move away from administering inflexible restrictions in response to COVID-19 spread in the community, it remains important that retailers understand their obligations, and what they can do to remain COVID Safe.  

Amongst the retail community, only Victorian businesses, and nightclubs in the ACT, are required to maintain a COVID Safety Plan as part of their occupational health and safety obligations. All other states and territories provide advice on COVID safety, but without mandatory standards.  

All businesses should review relevant government advice on COVID Safety, including what to do if a worker tests positive, and what entry requirements businesses can legally enact to combat the spread of COVID.  

This resource hub provides links to State and Territory government websites continually reviewed for accuracy and relevance. They include links to whole-of-state advice and current settings, as well as business-specific ideas and guidance.  







 Businesses no longer have any restrictions to their operation in the Northern Territory, and aren’t expected to maintain a COVID safety plan.  












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