COVID-19: SDA 10 point health and safety plan

Your safety must come first. Your health must not be put at risk during this time.

The SDA is engaging major companies on arrangements being put in place to keep workers safe during the pandemic. On top of measures already introduced the SDA is calling for retailers to:

1. Go ‘cash free’ and accept card payments only.

2. Install plexiglass screens at cash registers to protect workers who cannot keep at

least 1.5 metres from customers.

3. Ensure social distancing measures are in place and enforced including display of

signage, floor marking, register use and customer flows.

4. Ensure hand sanitiser approved by the Health Department is readily available to all

staff. (Current standards require at least 60% alcohol content)

5. Provide workers with gloves and personal face shields where requested.

6. Provide bags free of charge for each purchase to avoid handling of customer bags.

No use of customers’ used bags unless the customer bags it themselves.

7. Continue to increase security to assist in enforcing social distancing, customer

volumes, purchase limits, access limits and in dealing with unreasonable customers.

Police resources may also need to be deployed to protect workers.

8. Ensure regular cleaning and sanitisation of workstations and personal protective


9. Take a zero tolerance approach to customer violence and abuse.

10. Publicly promote the SDA’s No One Deserve A Serve campaign to improve customer


The SDA continue to call on the community to show all retail workers the respect they deserve during this time, there is no excuse for abuse and violence. If you experience an abuse or violence from a customer, report it.

You can also help by sharing our No One Deserves A Serve Community Service

Announcement calling on customers to be patient and respectful.

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