COVID Marshals in South Australia

Effective Friday 21 August in South Australia, you must have a COVID Marshal if your business or activity falls under either the hospitality (cafe/restaurant), supermarket, hardware store or distribution centre banners.

For more info on COVID Marshals please click here.

The COVID Marshal training is free, online and reported to take approximately 30 minutes. It will be available soon via More info on requirements in the section below.

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For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the ARA Telephone Advisory Service on 1300 368 041.

The ARA will be providing further updates on this initiative as they become available.


Roles and responsibilities for COVID marshals:

  • Training: COVID Marshals must have completed relevant training as prescribed by SA Health. Their business owner/operator or the person in charge of their activity must be able to prove that their COVID Marshal(s) have completed this training, so that they can show this to an authorised officer if requested.
  • Identifiable: COVID Marshals must be visibly and immediately identifiable by their colleagues, SA Police and the public.
  • Present and on duty: a COVID Marshal must be on duty while a business or activity is operating or is being conducted. However, for 24/7 operations with staff not always present on-site, a COVID Marshal is only required during any hours of high patronage.
  • Take all reasonable action to ensure compliance: a COVID Marshal’s role is to ensure that their business or activity’s COVID-Safe Plan, COVID Management Plan or their local COVID-19 prevention plans, policies or protocols are implemented as best as possible.
  • While COVID Marshals are not responsible for individual patrons’ behaviour or for their employer’s compliance, their duty (to their employer) is to ensure that all the correct measures contained in their business or activity’s COVID-Safe Plan, COVID Management Plan or other COVID policies or plans are indeed in place, that they are implemented as best as possible, and that he/she takes all reasonable action to ensure that all staff, patrons, contractors and other people on site follow these rules.










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