Domino’s innovation lab

Domino’s Pizza has opened an international innovation lab, named DLAB in Queensland.

The  open plan 153sqm innovation space is designed to encourage out of the box thinking both internally to benefit Domino’s customers, and externally to support start ups, entrepreneurs, and disruptive thinkers, according to Domino’s CEO and MD, Don Meij.

“Innovations driven from the DLAN will focus on adding value to the customer and the overall store experience and allow us to remain competitive on a global scale.

Mr Meij said the space will focus on connecting like-minded people, building, testing, and taking learnings and applying them quickly to the business.

“We have already partnered with a number of start ups and businesses that have disruptive ideas in the retail and QSR space and are working at the viability of those ideas to the business and investing in those start ups,” he said.

A head innovator, researcher, and other specialised experts have begun work at DLAB, with a number of internal projects and pretotypes (minimum viable products) already underway.

The space is caters for 30 to 50 people in a co-working shared office environment with the aim of inducing creative and forward thinking. DLAB offers a number of collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, as well as four key breakout areas, including a backyard tool shed, gaming, garden terrace, and library inspired area.

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