Email marketing strategies to maximize customer lifetime value

A great and efficient way to increase your customer lifetime value is to leverage email marketing. This way of communication will help you sell more products, turn existing customers into repeated buyers and establish a long-term network with your customer base.

Retailers can implement strategies to discover the necessary steps for a profitable email marketing:

Define your customer persona

The first step to successful email marketing is to create your customer persona. In other words, you should think about the people who buy your products and analyse their profile and purchasing habits. More importantly, you should focus on their needs and resolving the problems that bother them.

In case you have more customer personas, for example, tech enthusiasts and not that tech-savvy people, it’s recommended to create separate email lists for each category. In this way, you’ll communicate a more personal message which will provide better customer lifetime value.

Define the goal of your email marketing

Sending random emails just to be present in your customers’ inboxes and hoping that somebody will buy your product isn’t the best email marketing strategy. Moreover, your clients will probably unsubscribe from your list since nobody likes spamming content.

That’s the reason you should think about what you’d like to achieve with your message. Do you want to let your customers know that there is a sale or that you have some new products to offer them? Sometimes, you may create an email sequence just to communicate one goal.

Another important thing is to try to add value to your customer. A good long-lasting relationship is a two-way street, and you need to give something to receive.

Elements of a winning email

Once you’ve created your customer persona and figured out the purpose of your campaign, it’s time for execution and crafting the perfect email. The following should be taken into consideration:

  • The subject line should be catchy and personalised
  • The email body should be short and direct. Avoid generic content, instead, use recipients’ purchasing history and create a personalised, engaging offer that will activate the purchasing cycle.
  • Call to action is an indispensable part since it drives desired engagement. It should be simple and clear.

Finally, make sure you proofread your emails and check if they contain any spelling or grammar mistakes because you don’t want to leave an unprofessional impression.

Top email tips for retailers

Enhance your email marketing campaigns with proven strategies from most successful retail companies.

  • Use transactional emails, such as confirmation or shipping emails to promote related products
  • Offer some discount or coupons for the first or second purchase to encourage email subscribers to buy your products
  • Offer some valuable rewards to your customers, like special points, exclusive notifications about discounts and sales before you announce them
  • Take leverage of Birthday, Thank You, or Purchase emails to drive more revenue using upsell and cross-sell strategy.
  • Use replenishment emails to remind customers to buy again something that they’ve already ordered. This tactic is great for a food and beverage niche or any other consumable goods
  • Choose a type of email that fits your company best and get down on planning and writing your campaign right away.

Last but not least, make sure you proofread your emails and check if they contain any spelling or grammar mistakes because you don’t want to leave an unprofessional impression. If you have any doubts regarding your emails, maybe it would be good to consult with certified writers and professional proofreaders from EssayOnTime.

By Serena Dorf 



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