Encourage safe and respectful shopping with the ARA’s new Covid-19 poster range

The Australian Retailers Association has developed a series of printable posters in response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation across the country, to promote a safe shopping environment for both customers and staff.

We encourage you to display them at the entrance of or within your stores.  

Please ensure you adhere to the COVID-19 requirements in your state or territory. The ARA’s COVID-19 Resource Hub has an up-to-date breakdown of these restrictions and requirements.


ARA In-store Posters 2

Shop Respectfully posters 

In response to the increased reports of customer

aggression towards front-line retail staff at this time,

we have developed a #ShopRespectfully campaign.


ARA poster 1

5 things to do when entering a retail store 

For stores with limited display space, this poster is a

5-step guide for customers to ensure they are shopping

safely, following COVID-19 requirements and being respectful

of staff and others.



ARA poster 3
Stay safe, stay respectful poster

A reminder to customers to stay safe and stay respectful

while in your store. To be used in conjunction with any state

or territory restrictions in place for retail settings.