Getting back to (small) business with Mastercard

Mastercard Australia’s range of digital resources, tools and services have been designed to help small businesses navigate the many opportunities of e-commerce.

Mastercard strongly believes that small businesses are the foundation of our local communities, so they have curated a set of solutions and resources to help guide, grow and protect small businesses during these difficult times and move toward recovery, via the recently launched ‘Getting Back to Small Business’ support program.

Here’s a link to more information about the program

Between now and early 2021, Australian small businesses can access approximately $5,000 worth of tools and services each. This is alongside a large range of educational resources to help small businesses go digital and meet the challenges of the current trading environment. The products, offers and educational pieces will assist with confidently building a safe online business.

Key areas of focus for the support program include:

  • Arming small businesses with the knowledge to operate in a new, digitally orientated world.
  • Helping small businesses tackle new challenges in the digital domain.
  • Enabling small businesses to stay secure online.
  • Empowering small businesses to take control of their cyber health.
  • Connecting small businesses with their customers during uncertain times.