Is your nbn™ plan holding your retail business back?

The nbn™ has provided Australian small businesses and start-ups with a wealth of opportunity. Yet it’s important your internet infrastructure meets your exact needs.

That little retail business operating out of a garage can now easily access a national – or even international – audience with minimal start-up costs and overhead. Retailers with small marketing budgets can use social media to build strong brands and find new audiences. ‘Mum-and-pop’ stores previously reliant on the local community can use digital marketing to expand their online customer base.

However, it’s crucial businesses seeking success online are connected to the right nbn™ plan. Small retailers will struggle to realise the full value of their online presence if their internet infrastructure doesn’t meet their needs.

Finding the right nbn™ plan for your business

If you’re running a small business with an online component, it’s likely you’re using Cloud services. If you store invoices on Google Drive, market your company over social media, load and distribute videos online, participate in video conferencing calls, or use a chat system to field service enquiries from customers, you’re using Cloud services. Even email is a Cloud service.

Cloud platforms are typically bandwidth-intensive, and most businesses use multiple Cloud services – the cumulation of which can rapidly scale up the demand on the internet connection. Cloud-based services cannot function well – if at all – if the internet connection is too slow, which can make it difficult to complete basic functions of business.

In addition to ensuring you’ve got enough bandwidth to run all of your online applications, it’s important you have the right type of connection. Businesses are often tempted to purchase residential internet services, which may have a lower price point. However, business broadband services are preferable for a whole host of reasons.

Five reasons you should select a business nbn™ service

1. Business broadband comes with priority support, meaning any outages will affect the business for a shorter period of time.

2. Business broadband plans offer a static IP address, which is critical if your business uses networked printers, has a DNS server (so other employees can access your company network securely), and hosts its own website. Residential internet services use dynamic IP connections, which don’t allow for the creation and access of permanent locations on the internet, such as a website.

3. Business broadband tends to have higher upload speeds, and symmetrical services options.

4. Business broadband comes with higher assurance levels, such as uptime guarantees and fast service restoration SLA.

5. Business-grade services come with the option to upgrade to 4G backup failover. If an outage occurs, your connection will automatically switch to 4G coverage to ensure your business is online 24/7.

Get the most out of your internet

A sole trader might be able to work around a dynamic IP address by using third party tools to host websites and consumer cloud services for hosting data. However, if you have employees and want to take secure control of your business assets, a static IP address that comes with a business nbn™ plan is essential.

Many small business owners don’t realise just how much they can get out of their internet connection. Trading on third party sites, making use of publicly available social media, and using free communication tools all have their place when starting a business. However, as your retail operation expands, you may find your residential service limits your growth.

Invest in an nbn™ service that can power your business into the digital future, like Aussie Broadband’s Fast Business nbn™ 100/40 plan – just $89/month* for a limited time only! Featuring Australian-based support, a free static IP address, unlimited data and no lock-in contracts, now is the time to future-proof your business. Click here to redeem the offer. Hurry, this promotion ends July 31st 2021.

If you want to learn more about how the right nbn™ solution can boost your business, contact Aussie Broadband today on 1300 480 905, or click here to read more.

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