Kellogg support food relief charities to help vulnerable communities effected by COVID-19

In an effort to help combat increasing food insecurity through the COVID-19 crisis, Kelloggs Australia and New Zealand has announced that it will extend its support of Australia’s two largest food relief charities, OzHarvest and FoodBank -committing to increase food donations by 1 tonne per month for the next 6 months, approximately 150,000 serves of cereal.

In addition to this, the company has also made an immediate donation of 215,000 serves in cereal and snacks to Food Bank and OzHarvest in Australia and to the City Missions* in New Zealand.

This commitment is in addition to the company’s 3+ million serves of food it donates annually across multiple charities and breakfast giving programmes.

Esme Borgelt, Managing Director at Kellogg Australia said:

“It’s difficult to contemplate the extent of this health crisis and the heart-breaking impacts it’s having on people’s lives, particularly those in vulnerable communities. Food relief organisations such as Food Bank, OzHarvest and the City Missions in New Zealand are reporting huge risesin demand for food relief from families who are increasingly experiencing food insecurity. It’s with these families and communities in mind that we’re strengthening our ongoing support for those who need help during this difficult time.

“We know that the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 will be long lasting, and we’re continuing to look for new and creative ways to increase the amount of food that we’re able to donate and to make sure we are getting it to those who need it most.”

It’s been reported that at least once a week, 1 in 3 Australians will go a whole day without eating, and the number of people who are seeking food relief from charities continues to rise*.

In New Zealand, roughly half a million people are experiencing food insecurity –this is equivalent to 10 percent of the population**.

Esme explained that, when communities are doing it tough, assisting these people is a priority for the business.

“As a food company, wehave a critical role to play in helping combat food insecurity and feed those in need. Now more than ever, we’re doing whatever we can to make sure our food is continuing to reach vulnerable children and families.”

The Australia and New Zealand donation from Kellogg makes up part of the company’s global disaster relief efforts in response to COVID-19. To date, Kellogg Company and its charitable funds have provided $7.5 million in food relief efforts to communities around the world through its Kellogg’s®Better Days global purpose platform.

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