Learning for success

The Diploma of Retail Merchandise Management equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to deliver profitable results for a retail organisation. The course has been designed by the industry for retail buyers and planners, and includes a range of activities including concept theory, case study analysis, practical workshops and hands-on assessments.

Course facilitator, Karen Lurati, has more than 20 years of retail experience working across a broad range of categories from fashion retail to food. She mainly specialises in Merchandise Buying, Social Media, People and Retail Marketing. Karen is also the owner of her own retail consultancy business ‘Remarketable,’ which provides achievable marketing solutions and education within the retail sector.

Karen believes the Diploma of Retail Merchandising Management offers students the opportunity to learn not only from facilitators, but from each other as well.

“There is a lot of great networking between students coming from different sizes of business, across varying industries,” Karen said.

“They were learning a lot from each other about the different approaches towards processes,” she added.

As part of the course students will understand how to view the overall strategy of managing a retail business. Karen highlights a key learning outcome for students, which involves grasping the range of decision-making processes involved in the retail industry.


“They are crossing the different functions of buying and planning: financial analysis, negotiation with suppliers, learning about planning product ranges, quality and logistics. They are also going into the primary part of e-commerce,” Karen explained.  

To find out more about what the Diploma of Retail Merchandising Management offers, hear what some of our students have to say about their experience:

Why are you studying the Diploma of Retail merchandising Management?

“The reason why I am doing this diploma of retail merchandising management is so I can get a better understanding of the entire retail industry” – Huseyin Kaya, Samsonite

“This course was brought to me by my business to expand my knowledge so that I can one day become a buyer or a planner” – Belinda Davies, Kmart

How’s the experience so far?

“The experience is really good…the facilitators that work here are really good at explaining things. You can go as slow or as fast as you need to; if you are struggling you can go through it again” – Jonathan Babic, Superdry

“The experience here has been great…everything is given to you in an easy to understand way and is very relatable” – Huseyin Kaya, Samsonite

What do you expect after completing this course?

“After completing this course, hopefully I will get a promotion. I feel that with a greater understanding of all areas the business it will improve the way that I work” – Jonathan Babic, Superdry

“After completing this course, I hope to become a buyer or planner within my organisation” – Belinda Davies, Kmart.


The ARA Retail Institute houses a suite of both accredited and non-accredited training solutions; from the Diploma of Retail Management to customised in-house training programs. This suite provides a diverse and flexible range of education products to suit industry needs. For information about course duration, entry requirements and assessment methods, please visit: www.retailinstitute.org.au



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