Lincraft goes back to its roots

Lincraft_Essentials.jpg For the first time, since its inception in 1950, Lincraft is going back to its grass roots and focusing on craft, fabric, patterns, wool and haberdashery products for at least 20 stores nationwide – with the latest being in Chadstone, Melbourne.

Aptly named Lincraft Essentials, these more intimate stores, covering around 500 – 800 square metres, will be more specialised and unique in its product offering and boast the core fundamentals for Australians who are passionate about being creative at home including craft, art, knitting and sewing.

Lincraft Essentials stores are elegant and streamlined – specifically targeted to satisfy the ever-growing home sewers, knitters and craft enthusiasts market in Australia.  The aesthetics of the store has been improved to create a more inviting and engaging place to spend time in.

A key strategic step was to downsize Lincraft’s range by 30% and create a store that was easy to navigate, with quality products and exceptional service for their core target market (females from 16-65 years of age).

According to Lincraft Joint Managing Director, John Maguire, for too many years, Lincraft had a mixed identity with the likes of Spotlight, Adairs and Riot Art and Craft.  While some of Lincraft’s competition has opted for a more extensive product range, Lincraft has chosen to go the complete opposite – concentrating on its core competencies and quality handpicked products for their creative customers.

“Our extensive research told us our customers have a specific desire and clear purpose when entering a Lincraft store and that is to create something.  With the launch of Lincraft Essentials, we are targeting and nurturing positive consumer emotions.  We are a trusted, reliable and well-regarded brand that holds an extensive range of core specialised stock that customers want and need,” he said.

“At Lincraft Essentials, we are determined to declutter our stores and enhance the customer experience.  We will continue to fine tune our product line and that includes showcasing the country’s largest yarn range.

“The Chadstone store is one of our flagship stores and because it is situated in the heart of the fashion capital, it showcases the hallmarks of what makes Lincraft truly unique when compared to our competitors – the go-to place for all things sewing, knitting, art and craft.  There is a level of sophistication at Lincraft Essentials that is incomparable. 

“At Lincraft, our philosophy is simple.  We want to do what is right for the customer.

“Fabric retailing (2013-2014) is a $2.1 billion industry in Australia and is growing.  At Lincraft, we want to continue to hone in on this market and respond to the customers’ creative passions by providing a non-complicated approach to their buying habits.

“Six months ago, we launched our first Lincraft Essentials store in Elizabeth South Australia.  By reducing the size of the store by 30% and downsizing the number of product lines available, our sales have shown significant double digit growth.  Our ‘less is more’ strategy is working and we intend to emulate that with other Essentials stores.

“Lincraft Essentials will be rolling out to more than 20 stores, both pre-existing and all-new, over the next five years.  We are looking at opportunities to showcase Lincraft Essentials inside premium shopping centres across Australia.”


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