New $5 note design revealed

NGB5 Queen side - mock up specimen image - blue background - JPG 72 dpi The Reserve Bank of Australia has released images of the new $5 banknote that will be issued into circulation from 1 September 2016.

The images show the basic design artwork of each side of the banknote. Key aspects of the existing design – colour, size and people portrayed – are retained for ease of recognition and to minimise the disruption to businesses. There is also a new ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision impaired
community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.

The RBA Governor, Glenn Stevens, said the innovative new security features have been incorporated to help keep Australia’s banknotes secure from counterfeiting into the future.

“As can be seen in the images, these include a distinctive top to bottom window. Each banknote in the new series will depict a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird within a number of the elements. On the $5 banknote, these are the Prickly Moses wattle and the Eastern Spinebill,” Mr Stevens said.

The designs are the culmination of a process of extensive consultation with subject matter experts and the cash handling industry, as well as qualitative research involving focus groups.

Images of the design artwork for the new $5 banknote have been revealed to facilitate preparations for the smooth introduction of the new banknotes.

Information on the new design and security features, which will be common to all banknotes in the new series, and how they work will be part of a public awareness campaign over coming months.

The objective is to ensure that members of the public are able to identify and use the range of new security features on the new $5 banknotes when they start to receive them.

Issuance of the new $5 banknote will commence on September 1, 2016, although it will take some time for the new banknotes to be widely circulated.

The current series of banknotes can continue to be used even after the new banknotes are issued. NGB5 Parliament side - mock up specimen image - blue background - JPG 72...

Key facts:

  • The new $5 will be issued from September 1, 2016
  •  The banknote has new security features not before seen on an Australian banknote, including a distinctive innovative top to bottom window
  • The banknotes retain a number of features from the current $5 banknote – colour palette, size and people portrayed – and they will continue to be printed on plastic
  • Designs will change to accommodate the new security features
  • Each denomination will depict a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird. On the $5 banknote, these are the Prickly Moses wattle and Eastern Spinebill
  • Information about the design and security features (which will be common to all banknotes in the series) and how they work will be part of a public awareness campaign over coming months. This campaign will ensure the public are able to identify and use the new security features
  • There will be a new tactile feature (raised bumps) to assist the vision-impaired community
  • All existing banknotes can continue to be used. People do not need to exchange their existing banknotes on 1 September
  • Machines that process banknotes will likely need to be upgraded to accommodate the new banknotes. Machine users should discuss the required upgrades with their manufacturer or/and distributor.

For more information:
Phone: 1800 633 220



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