OneMusic Australia: Important notice about COVID-19 arrangements

We’re pausing licensing activity for businesses and organisations affected by COVID-19.

OneMusic Australia’s large client base is so varied – retailers, gyms, hairdressing salons, pubs, concerts, and more – so we are doing all we can to address the range of circumstances that are currently affecting most of our licence holders.

Several important changes have been made to assist businesses during this time:

1. If you have suspended trade, your account will be placed on hold until you resume trade – licence adjustments will also be backdated to reflect any period our music was not used.

2. If you continue to trade but there have been changes to your music use, we will amend your licence to reflect this immediately if you contact us.

3. We are open to discussing flexible credit arrangements.


The music sector contributes over $15 billion of value to the Australian community, providing vital commercial, individual, and civic benefits.

From songwriters, labels, publishers, managers, and publicists to DJs, venues and agents, an intricate web of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people work to support this industry.

The necessary COVID-19 shutdown is having a devastating impact across the entire music ecosystem.

The average total annual income for artists is just $48,400 – 21% below the workforce average (SOURCE: Throsby D, Making Art Work Australia Council for the Arts).

Artists earn this income by combining making music with other work and the predominance of freelancing and self-employment. Many work in hospitality and casual teaching to support their music-making.

However, with the COVID-19 shutdown, the majority of income sources have closed down.


Retail is one of the last sectors still open and for food retailers, trading in a boom. What can you do? Play Aussie music in your shop!

We have the opportunity to show we are behind them and stand together – and ensure that royalty income and support keep flowing to Australia’s vulnerable, creative community.

Despite our offices being closed, OneMusic staff is on hand to assist you.

You can contact us on email or jump on live chat (between 9 am-7pm).




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