Ordinary Members, Extraordinary Creatives: Megan Waters

In this Q&A series, we are speaking with the very talented members of the ARA Hair & Beauty Committee. These creatives are at the top of their field, and we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to get an insight into their success and stories. 

In this article we are speaking to Megan Waters, General Manager of Operations at Silk Laser Clinics.  

Megan Waters

Q: Welcome Megan. Please tell us about yourself. Tell us about your business, what you do, who you work with and how long you’ve been working in the beauty industry.  

A: I work for SILK Laser Clinics as the General Manager, Operations. With an operations role of a large national company I am certainly kept on my toes with everything from sales strategies, to new clinic opens, franchise relationships and staff culture and morale (culture I am a huge advocate for and believe it makes or breaks a business). I have been in the industry for over 20 years and with SILK for 7 years.

Q: Tell us about a ‘pinch me’ moment you’ve experienced in your career. We are sure you’ve had many! 

A: So many moments. After owning my own business for many years coming to work for SILK was a very different step for me but to have been involved in such huge growth with SILK (when I started we had 5 clinics in SA.) Since then we have acquired several companies, listed on the ASX and grown into a national brand! The joy of seeing franchise partners join us and realise they work for a company that cares and honestly is excited for their success gives me the biggest thrill every time.

Q: What initially drew you to the beauty industry? Is it what you expected?

A: I kind of fell into the industry after living in Brazil and spending a lot of time helping in my partners sisters salon. When I returned to Australia there was a little salon for sale that I had my first leg wax at as a teenager. I decided then to purchase it and grew it into a large Medi spa before selling it around 12 years later. I have always enjoyed the more corporate side of the beauty industry such as the operations, marketing and running of a business, but I could do a great brow wax back in the day.

Q: What does a typical year look like for you? 

A:  Oh my, there isn’t even a typical year in my role. With such growth it has been a wild 7 years at SILK! I have pretty much worn every hat in this business as we grew the head office team and I believe that is what makes me able to do my job now. If you didn’t like change and rolling with the punches this role would not be for you.

Q: What advice would you give to creatives wanting to get into the hair and beauty industry? 

A: Don’t just think of the industry as one area. There are so many avenues with experience you can go down. Find your niche and enjoy that and take on anything you can to continue your journey in the industry. It is hard work but very rewarding and worth every single minute!

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