Pandora’s latest flagship

Pandora Pitt St, Sydney Pandora Pitt St, Sydney

Jewellery retailer, Pandora, has opened a flagship Pitt St Evolution concept store in Sydney.

The Pitt St store design is an evolution of the existing Pandora stores,tying in with the brand’s DNA and Scandinavian heritage.

The concept includes separate selling stations, allowing customers to engage with Pandora staff members side by side, rather than over a traditional counter.

“We are very excited to offer our customers this incredible shopping experience. The new layout allows our team members to provide more
personalised service. Customers are able to better view our full jewellery range including rings, earrings, necklaces along with our traditional
bracelets and charms,” said Brien Winther, president of Pandora Australia and New Zealand.

The new store has also added digital touchscreens, which let customers to learn more about the product and join the Pandora Club.

“Times are changing in the retail industry and today’s consumers have come to expect an exciting and personalised shopping experience. The
Evolution concept store will help our customers find jewellery that expresses their individuality and represent life’s unforgettable moments,” says Winther.

The Iconic Pandora ribbon will be featured across the storefront facade in glazed white crisp lines, designed to complement the soft palette of muted feminine colours, while products are presented on a light and elevated platform that presents the jewellery to the customer without blocking
the view to the inside of the store.

Pandora products are framed in cabinets on the wall, like a personal wall of memories, with customers able to browse freely between the selling stations, moving from one range to the next.

Light fixtures are designed to emphasise the genuine metal, stones and the quality of the craftsmanship and bracelet-like patterns run round the edge of the fixtures, giving both a visual and a tactile link to the original Pandora.



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