Queensland joins other states in stricter rules for knife sales

This week Queensland Premier Steven Miles announced he will bring forward a ban on knife sales to minors.

Under the new laws knives, certain other bladed items and replica firearms (including gel blasters) will be restricted from sale to juveniles under new laws.

The ARA has said it is open to working with the Queensland Government to get the laws consistent with those of other states to make it easier for our members to implement them.

Awareness and training will be a key part of the success of this change and we will work closely with our retail community to make sure there is strong awareness of the new practices.

Under the proposed legislation, any person attempting to use false identification to purchase one of these items could also be charged with an offence.

Retailers will be required to display signage regarding the prohibition of sales to juveniles and have obligations requiring secure storage for certain other bladed items like machetes, axes, swords, sickles, daggers, double-edged blades and spears.

Below is a high-level overview at the knife laws across the country:

State Are minors banned from buying knives? Legislation
NSW  In NSW, it is illegal to sell knives to anyone under the age of 16.  Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 

Summary Offences Act 1988 

Vic  illegal to sell knives to anyone under 18 years old  Control of Weapons Act 1990 
Qld  To be amended to make it illegal to sell knives to anyone under 18 years old  Weapons Act 1990 (amendments to be introduced) 
WA  illegal to sell knives to anyone under 18 years old, with some exceptions for knives considered ‘low risk’, like kitchen knives.  Weapons Act 1999 
SA  Laws prohibiting the sale of knives to minors under the age of 18  The Summary Offences Act 1953 
ACT  illegal to sell knives to anyone under 16 years old  CRIMES ACT 1900 


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