Retail Advisory Council formed to discuss and develop changing retail landscape

Parcelpoint has initiated & coordinated a Retail Advisory Council to drive innovation and growth in eCommerce in Australia.

Retail experts and leaders from a range of big-name retailers and eCommerce platforms, including eBay, The Nile and Shopify, have recently come together to discuss and share their expertise and skills in the area of retail and logistics.

Earlier this year, Parcelpoint created and coordinated a Retail Advisory Council – a unique advisory group of expert retail professionals. The main purpose of this council is to create a team that helps guide, create & innovate, while supporting eCommerce growth in Australia.

With the intention to drive growth for eCommerce, specifically through improved logistics solutions, this council of retail experts plan to meet quarterly to discuss and share ideas around key strategic products and initiatives, in order to ultimately enhance the Australian retail experience for online shoppers.

The board plans to meet four times throughout the year, with each meeting having a different focal point. Topics of discussion include; product developments, new innovation and technology, customer experience, industry updates, solutions to specific pain points and logistics.

The first meeting took place in Sydney, and was a huge success, with the second meeting due to take place later this quarter. Members of the council include; Shane Lenton, CIO of Cue, Paul Waddy, CEO of The Horse, former Head of Operations at Showpo, Carly Cazzolli,’s former head of Australia and New Zealand, Hayat Horma, Head of Shipping at eBay, Jethro Marks CEO at The Nile and Yeemun Tsang, APAC Partner Manager at Shopify Plus.

“We are really excited to form our Retail Advisory Council, bringing together some of the brightest minds in retail and logistics from across the country. We understand that creating amazing customer experiences takes research, innovation and user testing and that’s why we have come together to enhance Australian’s online shopping experience” said Julian Leach, Parcelpoint CEO.

“I’m pleased to be part of Parcelpoint’s Retail Advisory Council at a time where delivery choice has never been more important for Australian eCommerce consumers. I’m excited to play a small part in a company that aims to be a pioneer in this space ” said Paul Waddy, CEO of The Horse.

The first meeting was hosted and led by André Eikmeier, founder of The Good Empire, former CEO of Vinomofo. Members were given the opportunity to share their insights and ideas on how to enhance the online delivery and returns process.

Future meetings plan to result in bigger and better strategies, insights and ideas from leading professionals, and work towards the mutual goal of ultimately enhancing the retail experience for Australian consumers.

About Parcelpoint
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