Retail on the move with mobile printers

With the retail industry averaging a 2.76% growth year-on-year last year, and retail trade growth down more than 1% on the 50-year average, it is obvious retailers across the country are facing challenges.

Australian retailers are not only dealing with low sales growth, they are constantly battling with rising energy costs and increasing rental prices. In addition to these cost pressures, many retailers are finding it difficult to keep their heads above water due to the rapid evolution of technology in the industry. Although adopting new technologies can be costly, investing in the right technology can not only enhance business operations it can improve your bottom line. Therefore, to gain a Return on Investment (ROI) it is absolutely essential retailers adopt the right technology for their business.

With smartphones enabling consumers to price check products instantly, customer service and speed is crucial in the retail landscape. Consumers now expect instant gratification, ­­any delay in the path to purchase will cause friction, causing the consumer to lose interest and consequently impact the final purchase. New technologies such as walking Point of Sale (POS) systems and mobile receipt printers remove this barrier by enabling staff to process the purchase anywhere in-store, reducing wait time and eliminating consumer doubts about the purchase.

Similar to the classic phrase, ‘Life is a marathon, not a sprint,’ retailers need to ensure they invest in these new retail technologies to empower their staff and boost profitability. Investing in the right technology to ease consumer doubt will benefit retailers long term, increase their end-to-end sales and boost their profitability.

With technology speeding up the retail industry, Brother International Australia has stepped up to the plate, providing retailers with cutting-edge mobile products to better cater to their consumer needs. A global leader in laser and label printers, Brother delivers durable, reliable and flexible solutions for businesses across various different industries. Being a specialist in its product lines, Brother combines customer satisfaction and product innovation to deliver a ‘Customer First’ approach by developing innovative, reliable and practical products to enhance business operations around the world.

In this modern and technology driven retail environment, Brother has released the RJ-2 series, the company’s first mobile receipt and label printer range. Designed to meet the fast-paced and dynamic retail environment, these wireless printers are fast, lightweight and compact; enabling shop floor associates the ability to serve consumers instantly and on-the-go. Relaying product knowledge and securing the sale has never been easier with these state-of-the-art portable printers. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, Brother’s wireless devices also support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, making it easy to integrate these products into any programs already in place.

With the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Pronto Software’s 2017 Australian Retailer Technology Report revealing 62% of retailers believing integrated real-time technology systems can assist in finalising purchases, in-store mobile printers are not only important, they are necessary. Retailers need to invest in these new portable technologies to ensure they are connected with their consumers anywhere on the shop floor.

So if you want to ensure your retail staff are ready for consumers on the go, look no further than Brother International Australia. Brother can put the power back in your hands and make sure your staff are technically equipped for the new era of retail. For more information on Brother’s portable labeller visit and ask for a free consultation.



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