Save money on your energy bills while saving the planet

This week marked the beginning of the 28th Annual Climate Change Conference of the Parties – COP28 in Dubai.

As the global community continues to face an increase in natural disasters, with an unprecedented summer of heatwaves predicted in Australia this summer, it is clear we need action, fast.

While the gravity of this situation can feel daunting, particularly for small to medium businesses (SMBs) who may feel their impact is negligible, the truth is investing in sustainability can improve your bottom line. Australia’s SMBs make up more than 98% of all businesses and contribute more than $506 billion to the economy. However, 43% of small businesses are running at a loss, and an estimated 48% of new businesses are failing within the first four years.

With these numbers in mind, it’s no surprise that many SMBs do not have the resources to make climate action part of their day-to-day. However, the truth is that SMB’s can play a vital role in the fight against climate change, and better yet, improve their bottom line by taking climate action.

Greener for Business is a free and easy solution that provides businesses with their own simple step-by-step climate action plan (in under a minute), with exclusive member only offers that can help save you money at the same time.

While the implementation of sustainable practices has traditionally been time-intensive and costly, Greener has built a solution that removes these pain points by making it easier to transform operations across key emissions areas such as energy, waste, electrification, packaging, and logistics. Greener for Business not only tells you what to do, but how to do it.

The platform gives gives SMBs access to simple solutions and a central source of available government rebates to help take control and unlock potential savings.  One month since launching, Greener for Business has saved small businesses over $360,000, reduced emissions by more than 3000 tonnes (equivalent of 1008 cars off the road). On average small businesses are saving $700 per annum by supporting renewable energy.

By making simple changes, your business can make a huge difference.

Learn more about Greener for Business today.



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