The 2024 National Retail Federation ‘Retail Big Show’ kicks off in Singapore

The National Retail Federation’s ‘Big Show’ is the signature global retail event held in New York City annually, and for the very first time, the event launched today in Singapore.

Singapore’s strategic location and its long-established status as a regional business centre provided an optimal stage for NRF to launch the first-ever APAC version of Retail’s Big Show, aiming to integrate leaders and organisations across the retail industry to collaborate at a pan-regional level.

Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra and Queensland University of Technology Professor Gary Mortimer are here to capture and share the latest retail insights. The ARA will be sharing these insights progressively over the coming days. Stay tuned.

Day 1 kicked off with opening remarks from Martine Reardon, Senior Advisor for Retail Insights and Content Creation for the National Retail Federation.

Before joining the NRF, Reardon served as Macy’s chief marketing officer from 2012 through 2016.

Readon started by telling the audience it had taken over four years of planning to bring ‘Big Show’ to Singapore. Singapore had been chosen as it presented the most diverse market in the world.

The NRF expects to grow the APAC Big Show over the coming years, making it a vital event for retailers within the south-east and Asian Pacific market.

Reardon set out the next three days of the inaugural NRF Retail’s Big Show in Singapore.

“This is where retail leaders from across the Asia-Pacific unite on a Pan-Asia Pacific stage to redefine the future of retail.”

She indicated that the convention would be a “knowledge-packed adventure” from the latest trends, game-changing strategies, and real-world case studies.

“This will be your gateway to staying ahead in the ever-evolving retail landscape.”

The Ultimate Retail Tech Expo was set to be a standout, enabling retail executives the opportunity to engage, connect and explore the future of retail evolution from cutting-edge technology to revolutionary store designs.

A highlight of the NRF ‘Big Show’ in New York, was the ‘NRF Innovation Lab & Startup Zone’, pleasingly replicated in Singapore. The Innovation Lab enabled retailers the opportunity to experience groundbreaking technologies and concepts that are reshaping the Asia-Pacific and global retail sectors.

Reardon suggested, “Don’t just follow the trends; set them!”



The NRF Retail Big Show – APAC Summary

The National Retail Federation’s ‘Big Show’ is the signature global retail event held in New York City annually, and for the very first time, the event launched today in Singapore.

NRF Retail’s Big Show APAC Closing Comments

The final session of the 3-Day NRF Retail’s Big Show in Singapore concluded with insightful comments from Ryf Quail, Managing Director, Comexposium. Ryf has run local branches of global media