Wear It Purple to show support for LGBTQ+ youth

Friday 25 August is Wear It Purple Day, when LGBTQ+ youth and allies unite to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.  

By wearing purple, Australians are encouraged to let young people from the LGBTQ+ community know that they are seen, supported and respected. 

This year’s theme is ‘Write Your Story’, encouraging personal expression and individuality amongst LGBTQ+ youth.  

“In a world where social media, the media and our education system often creates pressure to confirm to norms, broken structures and set standards, the “Write Your Story” theme encourages young people to embrace their unique perspectives and to share their stories with others” – Victoria Adams, Youth Action Council. 

At the ARA, we are particularly proud to support and celebrate Hannah, our Graphic Designer in the Marketing Team. Hannah recently joined the ARA and they are responsible for creating stunning graphics and ensuring our visual communications across our website, reports and social media reflect our values as a member-based NFP organisation.

Here is what Hannah had to say when we asked them about their experience.

I’ve realised that being non-binary and working as a graphic designer share some interesting parallels. Both involve thinking and existing outside the box, the exploration of form and style, and valuing uniqueness. Together, design and being non-binary are ways I contribute to reshaping social norms to create a world that is more expressive and authentic.

I find gender neutral language so empowering, especially when being referred to, as it acts as a blank canvas in which I can express myself onto, free of gender norms and assumptions. Using gender neutral language throughout your day-to-day vocabulary, ensures that others can also add their own flourishes of who they are onto that blank canvas.

In the same way you don’t know someone’s name by looking at them, asking someone their name and pronouns means you don’t need to guess.

Using people’s preferred name and pronouns is one of the easiest and most effective ways to respect those around you – as being referred to correctly ensures you feel seen, safe, and valued. 

I’m looking forward to hearing the stories shared from this year’s Wear It Purple Day, and I encourage you to use this year’s theme as a reminder that the language we use shapes our stories, and respectful language is a powerful tool to help ensure LGBTQ+ youth continue to write their stories. – Hannah, ARA

Learning to adapt language in the workplace to recognise non-binary people is not difficult, but like learning any new language, it takes practice and repetition. It also needs recognition that mistakes will be made and that there is an opportunity to learn and grow when we don’t get it right.   

Following on from the creation of the ARA’s LGBTQ+ Equality Position Statement, this year the ARA launched our first webinar series discussing LGBTQ+ inclusion in the retail sector, and how as a Australia’s largest employer that we can grow in diversity, understanding and inclusion in our own businesses. 

We invite you to watch our webinar, “Understanding and Navigating Pronouns” with guest speaker Sarah Trombetta, Board Director from Wear It Purple.  

Watch the On-Demand webinar here

This webinar is exclusively open to ARA Members – login to your member portal to access. Not an ARA Member? Join our retail community to access our full ARA webinar and event content: www.retail.org.au/membership

As an ARA member we also invite you to join our Members Commitment to the Equality for LGBTQ+ People Position Statement to ensure our sector continues to grow and support diversity, equity and inclusion across our own businesses.

Find out more about Wear It Purple Day.


The following ARA Members support and commit to

the ARA’s LGBTQ+ Equality Position Statement.





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