12 Ways to Christmas #8: Promote your Christmas trading hours

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Many stores are required to alter their business-as-usual trading hours to accommodate for the upcoming public holidays. It is important to understand each state’s rules and regulations depending on what category your business falls into. 

In this article, we share what to expect from retail stores around the country and how to effectively promote your businesses’ updated Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year trading hours. 

Trading hour rules are in force for retail shops over the Christmas and New Year period, determined by the category of the retail shop and the state or territory it is in.

The table below summarises the days within the holiday period which are public holidays by State & Territory.  Where States and Territories have declared or gazetted part-day public holidays (Christmas Eve and New Years Eve) the duration of the part-day public holiday is noted in the table.

X = Public Holiday

24 Dec     6pm – 12am    7pm-12am     7pm-12am
25 Dec X X X X   X X X
26 Dec X X X X X   X  
27 Dec X X X X X X X X
28 Dec X X X X X X X X
31 Dec         7pm-12am     7pm-12am 

1 Jan

X X X X     X X
3 Jan X X X X X X X X
26 Jan X X X X X X X X

A full overview of the Public Holiday Circular is available here.


Where to share? 

Importantly, promoting your Christmas and New Year trading hours is an important element of customer communication during this time. Here are some of the main places to share an update: 

  • Google Business Listing 
  • Your website 
  • Social media ‘about’ & post a dedicated post 
  • eDM update
  • Add to other email and SMS notifications (such as click and collect communications) 
  • Store front door and at POS 
  • Catalogues or pamphlets 
  • Keep your staff up to date because customers will likely ask them