Creating a Mentally Healthy Retail Workplace: Insights from the ARA’s WorkWell Project

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has taken a leading role in promoting mentally healthy workplaces in the retail industry. Through its completion of the WorkSafe WorkWell Project, the ARA has developed strategies that any workplace can implement to create a safe and supportive environment for their staff.

The project focused on frontline staff in the retail industry, identifying violence and traumatic events as the main work-related factors affecting their mental health. By providing training and resources for managing aggressive customers and prioritising frontline staff training for mental wellbeing, the ARA has addressed the most prevalent work-related factors impacting staff.

Despite COVID-19 challenges, the project’s success was due to a change in perspective and the ARA’s commitment to promoting mental wellbeing in the retail industry. As the chair organization in the Retail WorkWell Learning Network, the ARA continues to provide ongoing support, resources, and education to promote mental wellbeing in the industry.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is crucial to a happy and productive team, and the ARA’s WorkWell Project has paved the way for the retail industry to achieve this.

To access the training resources on managing customer aggression, contact the ARA. The ARA website also provides further information on the WorkWell project, as well as additional resources and education on promoting mental wellbeing in the retail industry. For more information, visit



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