Did you know? Females represent only 28.4% of CEOs or MDs in the Australian retail industry

While global attitudes toward gender parity are experiencing an encouraging shift, statistics continue to tell us that we have a long way to go.

As you look to the higher end of the corporate ladder, women account for little more than a quarter of retail CEOs or Managing Directors.

Esme Borgelt is one of these women. After 14 years with Kellogg’s Australia, Esme was recently appointed Managing Director – and she’s working hard to increase female representation throughout the organisation.

In addition to being a strong advocate for the power of diversity and equality, Esme’s vision is to break down silos and expose people to the broader business in a meaningful way. Esme recognises her responsibility as a leader to unlock the potential of others, not just boosting the bottom-line. Her holistic and empowering leadership philosophy is what makes her exemplary of the opportunities available for women – rather than the challenges holding us back.

Sure, statistics on gender parity are a reality check, but we believe in the power of sharing the achievements of executive women. We believe women like Esme are a source of inspiration for others looking to advance their career and seize opportunities. We believe in the power of empowerment.

But how do you take the first step toward a leadership career as a female? How do you navigate the challenges that await?

Thankfully, organisations like Liquid Learning make career advancement easy. With over 15 years of experience in professional development and women’s leadership training, Liquid Learning help professionals like you pave the way for a brighter future.

Liquid Learnings’ Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit is back in August for its 9th instalment, bringing together female trailblazers (including Esme!) and a room of peers for an open discussion on the experiences, opportunities, and challenges women face.

Looking beyond the perspective of organisational diversity, the summit will provide you with a mix of skills and strategies for leadership development, as well as solutions that address specific role-based challenges.

Want to be part of the discussion? Tickets are still available – so get in quick to get up close and personal with Australia’s most celebrated female leaders and discover how to take your career to the next level.

ARA members are eligible for $500 off the standard rate ticket prices (use booking code QA2). To redeem your discount and register, click here.

9th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit

26 – 29 August | Sydney

● Powerful presentations from female leaders and male champions of change representing brands like Kellogg’s, Unilever, The Iconic, Deliveroo, and many more

● The opportunity to learn valuable skills like confident communication, resilience, and agility to help you thrive in a rapidly evolving environment

● Plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded women sharing the same challenges and experiences

● The chance to learn how to harness the power of mentoring

● Strategies to navigate the future of work and the disruptive technologies shaping the industry

For more information, visit:





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