Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Online

Let’s be honest, hiring staff can be really difficult, especially if you’re stuck in the dark ages of posting job vacancies in a shop window, hoping that decent candidates will hand in their CVs. The whole process can be time consuming, frustrating, and with such a limited talent pool can often lead to a wrong hire, meaning you’re straight back to square one.

But it doesn’t have to be such a stress. Recruiting online can help you reach out to more of the right candidates, in a faster and more effective fashion. Here’s how:

More reach

Recruiting online ensures you are not limited to those who walk past your store or hear about you through friends, family or colleagues. (A big bonus for stores off the beaten track, or in smaller neighbourhoods!). Jobs app, Found has over 430,000 candidates signed up across Australia, 90% of which are Millenials, making it’s easier than ever for employers to find the best employees, fast.

Easier tracking

With no CVs or paperwork, digital candidate profiles make the entire recruiting process a breeze. Online recruting platforms will allow you to keep track of applications, shortlist desirable candidates and move candidates along the interview funnel as they progress. No more painstacking manual labour required, meaning you can dedicate more time to business operations.  


Rather than having a pile of paper resumes or a full inbox, and not knowing who has what qualifactions without reading every application, online systems allow you to filter applications based on certain criteria. Jobs platforms such as Found allow you to filter candidates by things such as experience, skills, location, qualifications and Australian citizenship to find the right candidates in seconds.

Keep up

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, however recruiting methods remain firmly planted in the 20th century. 81% of Millennials carry a smartphone and 89% believe it’s an important tool when job searching. So keep up to date with the way today’s job seekers like to find work, and be online waiting for them.

Found makes it easy to find and hire the next generation of talent. To find out more, click here



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