Gift Aussie quality this Easter

The Australian Made Campaign are encouraging shoppers to look for the Australian Made kangaroo certification trade mark if they want to ‘gift Aussie quality during Easter’.

We all know the disappointment of opening chocolates that look great but don’t deliver on taste, or a gift that’s fun for one day and broken the next, but shoppers who buy genuine Aussie products are assured top quality in all categories.

Australia has some of the highest production standards in the world for both products and produce, and there are a wide range of Australian-made and Australian-grown options available if you only take a moment to seek them out.

The benefits of buying locally made and grown goods also extend beyond taste, quality and value for money. Whether you’re cooking for family or friends, or shopping for a loved one during Easter, buy Australian-made and Australian-grown to ensure your gift keeps on giving.

Australian Made Campaign Easter favourites: 

  • Tassal salmon (available in Coles, Woolworths and IGA, or fresh from Tassal in Kew, VIC)
  • The Chocolate Box ‘hot cross buns’ (available in-store and at
  • Australian Bush Friends Bilby Tent Pack of chocolates
  • The Fabulous Food Company speckled chocolate egg (available in Target)
  • Britt Bear flat Snuggles bunnny

About the Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo

The green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is the only registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for the full range of genuine Australian products and produce.

It has been helping Australian consumers, farmers, processors and manufacturers for thirty years.

The AMAG logo can only be used on products that are registered with the not-for-profit organisation Australian Made Campaign Limited. The strict set of rules governing the logo’s use also require that it must always be used with one of five descriptors; ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’, ‘Product of Australia’, ‘Australian Seafood’ or ‘Australian’ (for export use only). To use the logo goods must meet the criteria set out in Australian Consumer Law as well the more stringent Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo Code of Practice. More than 2,600 businesses are registered to use the AMAG logo, which can be found on some 20,000 products sold here and around the world.

To register to have your products certified as genuinely Australian, visit australianmade




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