How sonic branding can reassure your shoppers

When it comes to giving peace of mind to shoppers and building trust at the checkout, the value of familiarity and assurance cannot be overstated.  

In fact, according to Mastercard research 1 in 5 people abandon the checkout process when shopping due to payment insecurity.   

While many retailers seek to provide this peace of mind to customers, it can be difficult to create meaningful touchpoints at the checkout both in person and online that provides customers with reassurance that their transaction is secure.


Giving consumers confidence  

There are simple steps available to retailers to build consumer confidence that can be applied both at the physical checkout and online. For example, retailers can adapt brand assets like logos, symbols and slogans to new user contexts to reinforce trust and recognition in an instant.

But in a world where consumers are over-exposed to advertising and brand messaging, how can retailers cut through the clutter to connect meaningfully with customers? 

There is now more pressure than ever on retailers to create moments of real connection. But by expanding beyond visual cues and using other elements such as motion and sound, retailers have the power to connect viscerally and powerfully with audiences by making branding dynamic and multisensory.

An incredibly effective way for retailers to use multisensory branding to reassure customers is through sonic branding – using audio queues at the checkout to provide shoppers with confidence at the point of transaction.  


What is sonic branding? 

By integrating a unique set of six musical notes and dynamic animation into your point-of-sale device or e-commerce platform, Mastercard’s Sonic Brand at Checkout experience can increase consumer confidence and trust at point of sale by up to 3.4 times.

This multisensory confirmation takes place only when a payment has been successfully authorised and protected by the Mastercard network, providing both the retailer and the customer with stronger assurance on critical safety, trust and acceptance.


The impact of sonic branding on consumer experience 

So how does sonic branding impact the customer experience? 

Research shows that when it comes to shopper reassurance and building trust, sonic branding is transformative. In fact, Mastercard’s research demonstrates that: 

  • 65 percent of consumers believe they are purchasing from a trustworthy store when Mastercard Sonic is played during the checkout process;
  • 59 percent feel better about shopping at the store over others;
  • 78 percent of consumers surveyed said they preferred the Checkout Sound and Animation experience to the traditional experiences when shopping through digital and in-store channels.

In Australia, the Mastercard acceptance sound is currently in use with our partners at Australia Post, Ticketek and ShopBack. That means if you use your Mastercard to make a purchase at these outlets, when that payment is successfully processed you’ll hear the sound and see the supporting animation – letting you know your payment has been protected by the Mastercard network. 

“In the rapidly evolving retail sector, the Mastercard Sonic checkout experience is a crucial tool for providing stronger assurance on critical safety, trust and acceptance,” said Kirsty Redfearn, VP Area Marketing Australasia, Mastercard.


Multichannel functionality 

Unlike other brand assets that do not translate from the online storefront to the digital checkout, sonic branding can be enabled across a wide range of channels, to provide reassurance for customers wherever they choose to shop.  

For example, the Mastercard Sonic Brand can be enabled by terminal manufacturers, merchants, banks and acquirers on their payment devices and payment acceptance devices.

Banks, acquirers, payment service providers and fintechs can also enable Mastercard Sonic Brand on their payment devices and payment acceptance devices, including digital wallets, payment apps, websites, mobile apps and even AI voice assistants.


Experience the power of reassurance

In the coming months, Mastercard will continue to extend the availability of the Sonic checkout experience around the country, pioneering the use of multisensory branding as a practical tool to help Australian merchants build confidence and loyalty at checkout.  

Can’t wait? You can experience the Mastercard Sonic Brand at Checkout in action here.

Interested in adding the Mastercard Sonic Brand at Checkout to your instore or online customer experience? Visit the link below to see if your provider supports it. Otherwise, stay tuned for new updates in the coming months!



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