How to increase profits for your delivery business

Raising your revenue and lowering cost is an extremely difficult task for business owners, most notably within the delivery industry.

That’s why it is crucial for businesses, especially small businesses, to find ways to increase profit margins.

This can be attained by creating a team of passionate drivers, regular fleet maintenance, automating your delivery process and optimising routes.

If you’re wanting to find solutions to increase your business’ profitability then this article is perfect for you!


4 ways to increase profits

Fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance is important to maintaining efficiency within your operation. Regular checkups and maintenance minimise the possibility of costly repairs that can chew up your profits.

Consistent fleet maintenance also reduces the down-time that occurs when getting your vehicle checked, so your drivers can be on the road completing deliveries


One of the most important ways to increase your profit margin is to train your drivers to embody the values and culture of your company.

Hiring individuals that are passionate about their role and want to contribute to your business’ success.

Drivers who are hardworking, knowledgeable and work well in a team environment are essential to building your business and creating the results you want.

Route optimisation

Investing in a reliable route optimisation solution will turn the hours spent manually planning routes into minutes!

Route optimisation software takes into account driver availability, traffic and weather conditions, the number of stops and their locations.

Assigning your drivers to more efficient routes will allow them to complete more deliveries while spending less time on the road. This reduces fuel costs and unnecessary time spent on the road.

Depending on the route optimisation you choose to opt with, Locate2u allows fleet managers to add in last minute stops and changes without throwing off the schedule for the day.

The more deliveries your driver completes, the more profitable your business is.

Automate your delivery

Speed is essential within the delivery industry. Meeting customer expectations and keeping up with competition is no easy task. The quicker you can deliver items safely, the better your reputation will be.

Delivery management software is a great option to automate your delivery process and improve your fleet’s performance.

Delivery management software like Locate2u arranges your bookings and offers real-time tracking, proof of delivery and route optimisation.

All of these features work to keep your business organised and aware of where most of your spending goes, so you know where to cut costs



Increase profits for your delivery business with Locate2u

Locate2u is the solution that can help you increase the profitability of your business.

Locate2u is a fleet management software that optimises your routes, organises your bookings, offers live tracking and proof of delivery. Everything you need to get the ball rolling and enhance your business’ performance.



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