New findings show that Australian consumers are happiest online when shopping

E-commerce martech company, Rokt has released new research revealing the best opportunity for engaging and appealing to consumers online is when they are in a buying state-of-mind. In a survey of over 4,000 consumers worldwide, 72% of Australian respondents said they are happiest online when shopping.

For years, brands have leveraged the concept of retail therapy, and now it has been proven that this concept converts to an even more powerful opportunity online – an opportunity to target consumers during a buying mindset coined The Transaction Moment™ – where both a consumer’s mind and wallet are open.

The report, explores consumers’ emotions when taking part in various digital activities including shopping, social media, and search activity. While most would assume that social media would triumph as the happiest place online, Australian consumers are far more likely to be at their happiest when completing a purchase (46%) than watching funny videos or connecting with friends (both 13%) on social media platforms. In addition to being the happiest, consumers are by far their most engaged online when making a purchase. Consumers are 41% less likely to be multi-screening or multitasking when completing a purchase compared to when they are using social media.


Significant findings from the report include:

  • Happy (64%), excited (49%), and productive (33%) are the most common emotions linked with making a purchase online, and Australian consumers are actually almost three times as likely to feel productive when making a purchase than on social media (13%). Four times as many people feel frustrated when using social media (12%) than shopping online (3%).
  • Attention spans are affected when thinking about multi-tasking, 61% undertake other activities like watching TV or socialising with friends while on social media, decreasing to 49% when researching online purchases, and down to 36% when completing a purchase.
  • More than three times as many people were happy to see their transaction was confirmed (48%) than when they research products (15%), suggesting greater satisfaction is generated the further a consumer is through the purchase journey.
  • After completing a transaction, 34% of users are open to offers from the same brand they’ve just bought from, 23% express interest in signing up to loyalty programs, and 13% are happy to be introduced to unknown brands through personalised offers, showcasing the untapped opportunity to further engage with online shoppers.

The full global report can be found here


About Rokt:

Rokt sits at the intersection of digital marketing and e-commerce, and connects brands with the right consumers when they are in a buying state of mind. Visit:



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