Seven tips for Christmas music

Ready to roll out the carols again? Here’s ARA Member Benefits Partner, OneMusic’s, advice for your Christmas preparation:

  1. Get advice from the professionals! Background Music Suppliers curate music for retailers all day, every day. They totally understand the importance of the Christmas season for the bottom line and the brand.
  2. Not too soon! It’s never OK to play Christmas songs before mid-November.
  3. Did you hear what I hear? Find Christmas music that is consistent with your vibe: jazz, soul or even songs in a different language, just be original. If shoppers are not in the mood, don’t annoy them with too many renditions of Silent Night. And remember, your staff have ears too and might just be turning the music right down low when you’re not around.
  4. 60:40 is enough. A good blend of non-Christmas and Christmas music is refreshing. It’s good to introduce Christmas music every 3rd song to keep the playlist fresh.
  5. Santa won’t come if you haven’t been a good music citizen. You likely need a licence to play Christmas carols (or any music) in your retail space. Retail licences start from around $86 a year. Music creators deserve a gift under the tree when their songs are played in a commercial space.
  6. Think about live music – inject some excitement and a point of difference. Here’s a free guide on how to host live music in a small space, at a low cost and with low tech.
  7. Have a look at what music can do in a retail space – low volume, fast-paced, popular or obscure? Here’s a fast-facts research study of low-cost, almost zero-effort ideas from around the world to get music really working for your business.

OneMusic provides permission for use of the vast majority of the world’s music –with more than 110,000 Australasian music creators powering the organisation.

Find more great resources on OneMusic’s hub.


ARA members are able to access a special offer with OneMusic through our member benefits program. Learn more here.

Bravo Victor performing at Ramjet Newcastle CR Lazybones Photography

Bravo Victor performing at Ramjet Newcastle CR Lazybones Photography

Sam Kurtz and Don Coombe performing at Whatever homewares in Mudgee

Sam Kurtz and Don Coombe performing at Whatever homewares in Mudgee



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