Using media to amplify your expertise

If you’ve wondered about the power of public relations (PR) and free media, the 2016 US Presidential election was the best example yet for generating awareness and leads without the hefty price tag of the usual media costs.

Donald Trump’s victory surprised so many people because he spent less on advertising than any other candidate.

He made up for those unspent ad dollars by earning more free media than any other candidate — nearly $2 billion over the course of his run.

Free PR & media is a great strategy to promote your own business to improve your reputation, attract potential clients and grow your business.

You can use PR strategies to help you achieve this and build your profile as an expert in the marketing industry. Press releases don’t equal as media coverage but are still heavily relied upon by reporters.

Press releases can help inform the media about important updates in your industry, keep your clients informed, attract new leads into your business and again, ensure your repetition as an expert in your field is cemented in ink (or digital ink).

Creating a press release isn’t as complex as it sounds. 

To help you, below is a template of a press release, so you can see exactly how to lay it out.

The trick to getting your press release chosen, besides being relevant, is to make it easy for the journalist.

Here’s a quick list of 7 things a journalist wants to see:

  1. Catchy headline
  2. Compelling opening paragraph
  3. Release date noted
  4. Good quality photos/pictures included (in low res initially)
  5. Your logo included
  6. An obvious call to action
  7. A short bio and contact details for you

twitter-292994_1920 The easiest way to know what’s buzzing is by paying close attention to social media. Both Twitter and Facebook have areas that show what topics or hashtags are trending at that moment. Make it a habit to check at least once a day and think of any possible ways to start a conversation around your business connected with the latest news.

PR & free media is just like any other marketing strategy – consistency is key.  Being seen consistently in either the print or digital media builds trust with your audience and keeps you top of mind with any prospects.

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